Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We eventually make it to Delphi...

June 30, 2012

We usually don't get in any hurry as we travel from one place to the next and we just stop along the way to take pictures and do what we want.  Remember we started with a 6.5-hr drive to Kalambaka (which is almost to Meteora)... and getting to Delphi is only 2 hours of the whole drive done!!!  We didn't leave Athens until maybe 4 pm and I was thinking at that time it was only 4 hours for our drive that day... but all is good and we do arrive Delphi.

Scenery along  the way is beautiful...

You know how I love my gardening!  I could only wish to have this!
We saw some greenhouses along the way
We drove along these sheer mountain bluffs for few hours getting to Delphi
Found this small Mosque along the way
... and here is our little Mercedes.
A lovely small town... I think this was Arachova
Arriving Delphi
We visited with a lady that was from California.  She was touring with her son who was in college and they were on a 2-week tour through France, England, and Greece.  She was very helpful and told us where the ruins were and about the valley of olive trees.

Housing on the mountains
I haven't asked yet as to what these beautiful flower bushes are.
They are every where and they are beautiful.
This is known as the valley of olive trees,
it goes on for about as far as you can see both directions!
I bet this is something to see when they are doing harvest.
I read where Delphi ruins are the next most popular ruins
to the Acropolis in Athens Greece 
Close up of above pic
Again, another close up of above pic
More ruins in Delphi, Greece
These particular ruins have a museum with them, but again, it was closed,
so we looked from a distance.  I'm sure there was more to see, but all was amazing.

We found these all along the mountain roads.
I'm sure they are something to do with religion.
They each held a candle and other religious documents.
I have no idea who keeps the candles in them.
I am attaching a link from Matt Barrett's Travel Guide.  He is quite more knowledgeable than me on the Delphi ruins, but I  really am glad that we made the stop.  It was getting late and we still had 4.5 hour to drive, of which some was going to be in the dark through the mountains... so on our way!

Continued:  Our Honey Bee Men

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  1. The picture above entitled arriving in Delphi is actually of Arachova


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