Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Friendly Goat Herder...

June 30, 2012
I loved this little guy!
For those of you who really know me or us, you know we usually leave the big tourist cities and head to the villages.  We love to meet people, visit, and just see how they live.  We had even gotten off the main road thinking we saw a sign for some ruins of some sort... while we never saw the ruins--or maybe it was the area on the side of the hill I thought was the tiered rock housing... I don't know, but getting off the beaten path is what we enjoy most.

We were driving along and came upon this herd of goats crossing the road...
Many goats...

Mr. Big had to stop and try to climb the tree to eat
There was such a variety of coloring 
Then came along the little Greek Goat herder on his donkey

He saw us...

and waved!

He was quite content with me taking his picture.
I loved this guy!  I showed him the pictures and he motioned as if he was writing.
So, I got a pen and paper and he began to write.
I know he wanted me to mail him some pictures.
He took his wallet out and used it as a table for a bit.
But, when I took pictures the donkey began to walk away.  I soon realized it was the click of the camera that he was not sure about.  The little man walked to get the donkey and then used the wooden saddle to write on, but that must have not been working too well for him...
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...because he kneeled down to write more.
I graciously thanked him for letting me take his picture
and I know he did not speak a word of English
nor did I speak Greek!
But, I proceeded to tell him I would mail him some pictures...and I will.
We were able to communicate his name was on the paper
and I figured I would just find someone to help  translate.
One of his herding dogs.
 It was interesting to see this dog.  As soon as we stopped the car the dog came over to the edge of the road where we were and he just laid down until we left.
As we were driving away, he called his dogs and his donkey
... and they all came to him.
This may have very well been the highlight of our trip so far.  I wanted to just hug him!

Continued:  We Eventually Make It To Delphi

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