Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Neoclassical Trilogy" in Athens, Greece

July 9, 2012
Greece/Turkey Trip

As we drove through Athens, here are a few pics I took… it is hard to remember the name of everything, but I promise, Lambros (Private Greece Tours) knew and told us about each thing that we stopped at or drove by.
National Academy is part of the Neoclassical Trilogy.
It is the highest research establishment in the country.
It was established in 1926 and operates under the Ministry of Education.
Close up of some of the detail at top. (National Academy)
This is Apollo standing on a tall ionic column in front of the Academy.
Located on the right side
This is Athena, she stands in front on the left side.
Both statues are beautiful.
The National University is also part of the Neoclassical Trilogy.
And lastly, The Vallianios National Library completes the Neoclassical Trilogy
These three structures all stand in close proximity in downtown Athens. 
Meet "Dromeas" (which means "runner" in English).
He is made from shards of glass and he stands nearly 30 feet tall.
He was created in 1994 and stands in the middle of Athens.
He is not the typical Greek architecture, but is very unique.

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