Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Drive Towards Delphi, Greece...

June 30, 2012

We began our 6.5-hour drive towards Delphi.  What a beautiful and interesting drive through quaint towns and villages and through majestic mountains.  Delphi is among the great Greek sanctuaries.
On our way to Delphi
The road signs were quite interesting...
I couldn't believe there were so many at this one intersection. 
Zoom in and take a closer look at the towns and villages listed on the signs… and to think we had to find our way!!  Oh my gosh, as I zoom in myself, I see this vehicle and the wording on it:  “My Way” sponsor of Greek Wrestling Team www.mywayok.com Hmmm, I will have to Google and see what that is!  Haa I went to the site, but it is all in Greek, so if anyone knows what it says you can let me know.

We found some unique rock housing tiered down the side of this hill
And, as you know, it doesn’t take much to entertain me… we saw this “road kill” and I wanted to know what critter this was…
It looked sort of like an aardvark... I had no idea if Greece had aardvarks?!?
...but, when I got closer, I could see it was some sort of fox or such... poor fox!
We saw several fields with solar panels along the way.
I spotted this cross at the top of a mountain, so I took a zoom picture
I also took one with more of a distance, which shows how high this cross is up there.
As I was looking at this picture on my laptop,
I zoomed in and I can now see 2 mountain goats!!!
I had no idea they were there when I took the picture,
but you can see him looking right at us.
He knew we had stopped and was there!
We found this old mine shaft of some sort... way up in the mountain.
I am loving our new camera we bought for this trip.  While we really have no idea how to work anything on it yet... we do know how to put it on auto focus and take pictures... I can zoom in and out too! LOL  We will learn more in time. 

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