Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Greek Dinner at Athen's Center Square...

June 29, 2012

We chose a little restaurant called.... ummm see above,
I don't have those letters to type! 
 It was located in what I'll call "Restaurant Alley"!  The whole street was lined with tables, chairs and a sea of people.  We kept seeing everyone walking around with these Gyros rolled up in their hands and they looked delicious.  As we were being seated we saw this plate of "yummy" being served at the next table... we knew we wanted that!

Of course, it was a dish of some type of Greek Gyros... we ended up getting a mixture of beef, pork and lamb.  It served enough to feed four people, but the two of us managed to almost eat the whole thing and we still managed to par take in a couple of the Greek beers!

Our plate of "yummy"
It truly was enough for 4 people!
We were almost through with our meal when our little waiter brought us both a shot of "Raki", well it was more than a shot... in fact he told us too much for a shot, but to sip.  It was different, but we  both drank it all =)

We were just about through with our Raki when he brought us a big plate of Greek Yougart with fresh peaches in it and topped with honey, which we managed to eat along with our bread!

Being all fat and happy we walked back towards our hotel and managed to find our way up to the rooftop bar for a gorgeous view of the city!!!

...and what a view of the Acropolis by night!!!
We had another drink on the roof and I did some blogging then we went back to the room and enjoyed another shower.  I did laundry and washed everything we had... which was what we were wearing!!

I bought some shorts as we headed to the Center Square and I forgot...
DT had bought a Thunder shirt... but we had clean clothes the next day!
Loved the hair dryer

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