Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tully's Love For His Puppy...

December 31, 2011

I previously blogged about Puppy Love at 5 Months Old... and as time goes on it is great to watch Tully's love for Zachry continue to grow.  Tully is almost 9 months old in the pictures below and Zachry is 3 1/2 years old...

Tully crawls under Zach and Zach just stands there!
Look at that ornery look!

Tully is telling PawPaw how much fun he is having!
Awww, Tully loves his puppy and
Zachry is so tolerant of Tully and enjoys the loving!
Tully curls up with Zach and loves on him quite often.  Funny because he does not doing a lot of laying or loving in general... he is usually on the go!

Here is a link from Ashley's blog where Tully decided to try Zach's gourmet food.
Canine Cousine 

Christmas 2011...

Christmas 2011 - Tully is almost 9 months old

John, Ashley and Tully spent Christmas in Texas with John's family and then traveled to our house to share Christmas and New Years.  Tully was fascinated with the ribbon on their tree.

This is the first time he got to watch a video while traveling... he used to have to face the seat when he was smaller!
The video helped pass some of the many miles!
Once they arrived back in Oklahoma at Grammy and PawPaw's we were able to share the Christmas spirit.  So nice to have family together.  We enjoyed watching Tully learn to navigate behind his Imaginarium Rolling Xylophone.  Walking behind something moving was a whole new experience for him.  He was learning to take steps and keep his balance without the cart running away.  He was so funny...

...he was trying to figure it out.  He walked like he had pirate's peg leg!
But, he got better with each trip across the room!
By day 2 he was a pro and happy!
He was so proud!  I love that happy chipmunk smile!
Tully certainly was not understanding the full concept of a present -
but he soon learned the joy of the Christmas paper!
Like most 9 months old... the paper was more interesting than the gift!
For every piece that I would take away, another went directly to his mouth!
Look at that snarled nose - LOL!
He ended up being quite content with Grammy's cookie cutters.
He picked out the reindeer!
No matter what he's doing, he's still our Sweet Tully Bear!

Tully Watches Mommy & Daddy Leave...

December 18, 2011

I'm trying to catch up on what I think are some cute memories of Tully.  I will eventually print this blog out in a hardback book for him to have one day...

Grammy came over to watch Tully so Mommy and Daddy could go out to dinner.  I stood him at the window so he could watch them leave...
He looked at me with that "what am I doing at this window?" look.
Then he saw the car backing out of the garage...
He watched intently until they were out of sight... 
Then it was as if he thought "C'mon, Zach let's play!"
 I don't think he is old enough to really think about them leaving yet... or maybe it's because he is with Grammy and he doesn't really care if they leave - yeah, that's probably it -- Grammy!!

Tully says "Mmmm Chocolate" ...

Ut-Oh, Mommy is going to get us!
I know, Grammy did a "no-no", but he kept watching me drink my breakfast mix...
He just wanted a taste!
What's that Grammy?
Mmmm... Chocolate!!!
Obviously he liked it and just kept looking at the glass.
He looked at it even when it was sitting on the counter!
He didn't want to take his eyes off of it.
He was just learning to drink from a cup... so, I explained to Mommy that he really did not drink that much!  He usually only drinks that yucky plain ole breast milk, but everyone needs a taste of chocolate!  He loves his Grammy :-D

Nov 30, 2011 Almost 8 months old.

Tully Bear - Almost 8 Months Old...

I just want to pack this loveable bear up and take him home with me!  He is so much fun and continues to develop his own little personality.  Even behind this sweet smile, he certainly knows how to show his disapproval when he is not happy.  Mommy will have some work trying to stay ahead of his little cogs that are always turning in that smart little head.

Tully is almost 8 months old in these pictures and I'm sure you are surprised that he still has a face... I just can't help myself and seem to just eat him up with kisses every time I see him.

Here are shots from his last photo session in November 2011:

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tully 7 Months Old and Crawling...

Here is a series of photos I took on my iPhone (Nov 4, 2011) while visiting my sweet Tully.  He was just beginning to crawl and maneuver around on his own.  He used to roll from one place to the next, seriously roll over and over to get where he wanted to be.  It is so nice that he does not whine now because he can actually navigate from one place to the next!  He used to get so frustrated when he could see something but couldn't get to it.  He is a happy explorer!
 I watched him crawl to the back patio door
With much effort he was trying to peek out the window
He figured out he needed to reposition
...and finally got up on his knees
but that only lasted a very short time,
he went back down to his "army" crawl and
headed towards the next thing in sight!
I love watching him think and figure things out and just explore!  He moves from one thing to the next and rarely ever just sits.  You see those pictures of babies laying on their daddies chest asleep or just sitting and watching tv... not this boy!  He is quite active and curious.

Later that same day we were headed out for some errands so we took time for a couple quick pictures of him in his little sweater jacket that Nancy, the neighbor who lives next door, made for him.  It sure made his blue eyes even more blue.  I thought he looked adorable in it... but I'm a little partial!
Such a happy boy and so blessed to have the
Mommy and Daddy he does!
I love this little guy!
..and the cute little wooden teddy bear buttons
that Nancy used on his sweater.
Zachry his puppy dog never misses a thing.
We shopped 'till he dropped that day.
Doesn't look like that the sunscreen on the window is doing much good!
... and where is that neck pillow he has!

Tully 6 Months Old Family Photos...

October 2011... I love his happy little smile!
I'm sure one day Tully will have long legs and be nice and tall too!
Tully, Ashley and John Cockerham
Zachry was mostly naughty the day of pictures,
so... he was in very few photos.
There were too many things for him to explore and see.
I love Tully's litte "heh, do you see that" look!
Let's GO Mommy!
Everyone has blue eyes.
John is a great daddy, always playing with Tully!
One day I'll have hair!
Love and Laughter keeps a family happy!

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