Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby "C" will be John Tully Cockerham

Time is passing, and I can't seem to remember to get a picture of Ashley pregnant to include with this post... so I'll post without a pic of her... on November 15, 2010, Dennis and I , along with John, joined Ashley for her doctor's appointment in Tulsa.  She had an ultra sound done and we found out that Baby "C" will be John Tully Cockerham and he will be joining our family in April.  We are so anxious for little "Tully" to arrive and to share our love with him.

Most of you know that Ashley and John both graduated as Texas A&M Aggies...
We found it quite appropriate when "Tully"
gave the Gig'em sign during the ultra sound!!!
Ashley and I have had fun shopping for his crib, furniture, and things that will be needed upon his arrival.  I think the time is passing fast... but Ashley has a different opinion on that.

Yes, I plan to spoil him sweet!  Everyone tells me there is nothing sweeter than a grandbaby.
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