Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meeting Our New Greek Friends...

July 1, 2012

George, Vivi, Me, and Thomas at Iridonas Guesthouse
Thankfully the family did stop when we got to the guesthouse and all three got out of the car, which gave us the opportunity to thank them again.  Niki, the guesthouse owner, came out to greet us and open the gate for us to come in and park our car.  We were all visiting and Niki explained that Iridonas Guesthouse has only been there 3 years and that the town has not given her an address yet.  So, now I know why there is no address on the website!!  Amazing!!! … Iridonas looks awesome!

We had a short visit with the family and Niki about where we were from and where we had just driven in from and where we were headed tomorrow.  The family had been visiting with their Mother here in Kalambaka.  They were so kind and offered that we stop by their house for tea or such as we drove back to Athens tomorrow. They lived in Trikala, which is a town that we drive through.  They told us there were many good restaurants in Trikala.

We exchanged names, addresses, and telephone numbers… and the son, Thomas, had Facebook, so we were thrilled that we could have communication in the future.  Thomas had very good English and his parents George and Vivi could speak some but Thomas was a great translator for them and for us!!

We had our story of the “lost luggage”, but that our trip has gone on and we are having so much fun!
George, Thomas and Dennis
What a blessing for us to meet such a nice family!
The family went on their way and Niki was very kind and we got settled into the guesthouse for the evening.  We did our laundry and had everything washed and drying.  The guesthouse provided slippers and robe, which was very nice because we had good Internet for the laptop and was able to Skype with Ashley, John, and see our sweet Tully Bear! …I’m sure they were glad we had a robe on!

Skype is awesome; it was a nice ending for our day!   Dennis went to bed and I begin to blog and finally got some things posted!  Late night for me… or I should say “an early morning!”  I really have no idea what time zone I am on or in, my bedtime is so random!

Continued:  Iridonas Guesthouse

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