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The Temple of Zeus in Athens, Greece...

July 9, 2012
Greece/Turkey Trip

Dennis in Front of the Temple of Zeus.
Another view of the Temple of Zeus
We continued our tour with Private Greece Tours arriving at the Temple of Zeus.  Pictures really don't do any of these ruins justice.  Patti, I think of you as we tour through all of this history and the studies I had with you.  I so wish you could be with us and hope one day you can see it too.

The building of this temple began in the 6th Century, but was not finished until later.  Here is a link by Matt Barrett with a little bit of info.  I like his links because they are usually simple and short.  In really short-- the temple was originally built with 104 Corinthian columns of which only 15 remain standing.

This column had fallen down in 1852
View of detail
Hadrian's Arch is located right by the Temple of Zeus.
It was erected in 132 AD as a gate between the ancient city and
the Roman city of Athens
The Parthenon sitting atop of the Acropolis is close by as well.
You can see the base of the Temple of Zeus
...and the Acropolis is farther than it looks in this picture.
(Again thanks to my nice zoom lens.)
The history here in Greece is amazing.

Continued:  Olympic Stadium

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