Monday, April 25, 2011

Road Trip to Grammy's... 19 Days Old

What a joy Little Tully is!!  He made his first visit to Grammy & PawPaw's in Cushing, Oklahoma on Easter Weekend.
He is such a good baby!
So fun to hear him coo and watch him smile...
I do let PawPaw hold him too, but since it's my blog...
I can post pics of me holding him!
Ashley is such a good Mommy...
especially when she lets me hold him!   :-)
Grandparents-- Perry, Mardi, Deb & Dennis
Cockerhams live in Austin, so their time here is special.
Perry enjoying some time with Tully outdoors
Zachry wants in on some of the attention... he's a good dog
John's parents have spent the last few days in Tulsa with Tully.  They came to our house on Saturday, it was nice to have all the grandparents together.  Dennis grilled for us and we had a nice dinner with wine... pretty casual at the Tull house... no Easter Egg Hunt yet for Tully!  Loving this rain on Easter Sunday!

John thanks for taking the pics, but I just realized I don't have any with you in them!  I'll have to get my camera back out ;-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Special Delivery...

John Tully Cockerham is the most special delivery we could ever receive!!
Tully arrived in perfect condition on April 5, 2011 at 6:13 p.m.  Weighing 8 lbs 2 ozs and was 20 inches long.  He came with instructions:  "Need Milk" ...but, it just seems to go in one end and out the other... sometimes when you least expect it!

There is a story to this copper mailbox.  I found it in "Copper Penny", an antique mall, and wanted to buy it for this very reason -- to take a pic some day of my grandchild arriving in it.  It just so happens Ashley was in town one day, so I had to show her and tell her about what I wanted to do with it when she decided to have a baby.  She says "Well, buy it, someday I'll have a baby!"... but she was ready to get home.  She had no time for shopping and made that clear.  Dennis was on the golf course so we were just passing some time waiting for him to get home.  It just so happens that was the very day she told us she was pregnant!  Who knew! That was why she was so anxious to get home.  I have hung on to this mailbox for 9-10 months.

So the other day, Ashley and I got her camera out, moved things around, and took some pics while he was sleeping.  He is such a sweet baby.

Sometimes he sleeps... and of course, sometimes he's awake....
Sometimes he hangs out with his buddy "Lambsy" in Mommy's Rocker
He is watching his Daddy and once again listening intently
April 17, 2011 -- 12 days old
He is so fun to watch as he observes his surroundings and listens to everyone.  He just tilts his head as if he is saying "are you talking to me?"

One thing for sure, he does not lack for attention or love!  We are so blessed to share our love with him. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grammy and PawPaw time...

I would be perfectly content holding him all day long!
Grammy was getting ready to go home...
but Mommy talked me out of leaving!
So spending one more night!
Tully 11 days old

...see, I do share him
PawPaw got some snuggle time too!
5 days old

Makings of a Photo Shoot... 11 Days Old

John and Ashley tried to do newborn photos on Apr 15th, but Tully said it was a "no-go"...
and since Tully is the BOSS, they went back on the 16th because that is when it was on HIS schedule!

We arrived a little early, so that Mommy could feed and soothe Tully before all the action was to begin.
When Mommy felt things were right...
Daddy and Mommy watched as the shoot began...

The girls went to work...

Mommy and Daddy waited patiently
Mom assisted when necessary... she wanted Tully content!
Brenda, the Photographer, had lots of ideas
Now it was time for pics with Mommy and Daddy
... but again, only when Tully was ready!
The shoot went well, he was a good boy!  Can't wait to see the proofs!

John is Burning the Candle at Both Ends...

Spending time with Ashley and John has certainly given me an opportunity to catch a few photos...
John managed to get their taxes filed before Midnight on April 15th!
Of course that was after he had worked all day...
and spent time with Tully the night before!
Oh yes... he's a new Dad!!
The proud Daddy taking pics of Great Papa Jim & Marge with Tully!
April 6, 2011
At first, Zachry (their Lab) was very curious about Tully,
he wanted to smell and nudge him to see what Tully would do...
but now, he has settled in and accepted the newest addition
to the Cockerham Family
April 6, 2011
When Tully is in his bed upstairs, Zach sits on this step quite often
he wants to make sure he can keep an eye on everyone upstairs and downstairs
Daddy with his boys!
April 16, 2011
Zach found a new favorite spot to sun upstairs

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poopy Time... 8 Days Old

 During the trip to the doctor's office with Ashley, of course came poopy time...
Uh Oh... Grammy knows that look...
I'm working hard to make room for more milk...
Mommy says I'm her
"Milk Monster"!
I'm almost done...
Okay, QUICK... someone change me!
...and get me off this pink thing!

Wake Up Time... 3 Days Old

I was holding Tully on a pillow on my lap and he was sleeping so sweetly...

I loved when he began to wake up and all of his expressions...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Little Tully Has Arrived...

We have been so blessed with the newest addition to the Tull / Cockerham Family...
John Tully Cockerham made his debut on April 5, 2011 at 6:13 p.m. weighing 8 lbs 2 ozs and was 20 inches long!
John "Tully" Cockerham
... is having Sweet Dreams with Grammy Deb

PawPaw Dennis and Tully are having a serious conversation...

Dennis and I are excited to share our love with Little Tully.  We are having so much fun showering him with our hugs and kisses.  His every little feature is just perfect in our books.

Tully is trying to decide whether to go
fishing or golfing first...
PawPaw says--fishing! become a new Mommy!
She will be a great Mommy!

What a delight watching Ashley grow from our little girl into such a beautiful young lady and then watching her go through her pregnancy and Tully's delivery...

...and without a doubt, John is proving to be a great Daddy!
Tully is listening intently to everything his Daddy is saying...

Tully arrived into this big world shortly before the Texas A&M Aggie Women's Basketball Team won the National Championship!  With his previous Gig'em Ultra Sound and now the Championship Game, I'm guessing he will be a Lil' Aggie!

Oh wait... John was sleeping!

John was feeling bad that Dennis had been in the waiting room the whole time Ashley was delivering and that Dennis hadn't got to hold Tully yet... when we explained to John that Dennis had been holding him for the past 3 hours... John didn't believe us!!

Tully's Great Papa Jim and Marge came by to visit with him, it has been a while since Papa Jim has held a newborn!

I promise to spoil him sweet!

It has been such a joy to be at the hospital and in their home to be a part of this bonding.  I will be heading home on Saturday to take care of a few things, and it will sure be hard to leave Little Tully, but I have a feeling I will be visiting often...
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