Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Iridonas Guesthouse in Kalambaka, Greece...

July 1, 2012

Iridonas Guesthouse in Kalambaka, Greece

I cannot say enough good things about the Iridonas Guesthouse in Kalambaka--what a treasure we found!!  Inside was so beautiful and everything was new and taken care of.  I tried to take some pictures, but they just do not do justice for what we were seeing.  Even DT said I did well!  This was certainly a step up from Attalos Hotel in Athens.

Thank goodness they didn’t have an address and that we needed directions from George’s family, or we would have never met them!  I’m telling you-- if you look for something good in everything bad you can always find something good!

Niki, the guesthouse owner, was super nice and spoke English very well.  We came down for breakfast about 10:00 a.m. and were greeted by Stella. 
Stella had prepared our breakfast...
Breakfast consisted of cold meats and cheeses, boiled eggs, along with toast and marmalades, juice, and some cake!  I also had a wonderful pineapple hot tea.  It was all very good and more than we could eat.  I forgot to take a pic of our breakfast.
During breakfast we had the pleasure of visiting with Niki
and her twins - Jiannis and Danae, who were 20 months old.
Danae was very shy, but was a sweetheart!
Jiannis on the other had came right up to us and even allowed me to pick him up
and hold him!  He reminded me of my Tully Bear.
Jiannis sat right in my lap and was ready to eat!
He came back for more several times.  He just stole my heart!
This is my favorite picture!!  Jiannis came up to Dennis and wanted him to pick him up...
I love this pic!  And PawPaw Dennis knew just what to do!
Before leaving, Stella assisted us and checked to see if our luggage had been found… no such luck!  She also gave us some information on the monasteries and how to find them. We were headed to the Grand Meteoron, but she gave us information for several other monasteries that were in the area.  They were all located on the way to the Grand Meteoron.

We went back to the room, packed up, and I did a quick blog, then we were on our way!

If you are ever in Kalambaka, Greece – I recommend you stay at the Iridonas Guesthouse!  Thank you Niki for everything and for sharing your sweet children with us.  We love this part of our travel-- meeting people and making new friends!

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