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Monastery Holy Trinity, Meteora, Greece...

July 1, 2012
Monastery Holy Trinity is the oldest monastery in Meteora
built in 1476 on top of the cliffs.
These monasteries are one of the most spectacular places to visit in Greece!  We walked down a winding rock pathway to the base of the rock and then walked up a winding pathway along with some steps to get to the monastery. 
We walked this whole winding pathway + steps
...and you can't even see all of either one!
These are only a few of the steps...
It was fun and worth the effort to get to the top, but the hike was a little difficult in flip-flops! Oh how we wished we had our tennis shoes and lost luggage!  Are you getting tired of seeing this orange shirt and black pants... well, DT is tired of wearing them!  Some luggage would be nice...   

Some of the pathway or steps was just easier for me to go barefoot.  (Judy, tell your hubby he would not have ever made the climb with us; I thought about him!)

It is amazing how these monasteries were built and sit right on top of the rocks.  I read where studies suggest that the pinnacles were formed about 60 million years ago.  Weathering and earthquakes then shaped the sandstone/conglomerate pillars into their present shape.  Geologists maintain they were made by the waters of prehistoric sea; and are said to be pushed up from the seabed.  These monasteries are Located beside the Pindus Mountains in northern Greece.

Here you can see how building materials and supplies were taken to the top of the rock!  I read where at first this is how even people were brought up and down as well and it was believed that the net was replaced only when the Lord let them break.  I sure would hate to be the one in route when the net broke!  ...and yes, I wonder how the first people got up there to even make the pulley and net available!?!

Some things we were allowed to take pictures of and some we were not.  They had signs posted each place where you could not take pictures.  I took many pictures that were all okay and without realizing took two that should not have been taken.  But, since I already have them, I might as well post them!  I think the reason is because of the flash itself.  I apologize, to the monastery!

The monastery was beautiful and it amazes me how they ever built them on the tops of the rock pinnacles and cliffs!

An interesting fact:  Monastery Holy Trinity is where they filmed the James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” in 1981.

Continued:  Holy Monastery Grand Meteoron

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