Friday, March 25, 2011

Salamander in the Pool...

This is a first time for Dennis to find a salamander in our pool!
He was one cold Salamander...
The Salamander had managed to crawl up onto the handle in the pool skimmer.  He was out of the water, but there was no escape!  Dennis got him out and held him for a few minutes, he warmed up and began to squirm.
Sunned for a few minutes...
Then scampered out of sight!
We have had lots of frogs, one snake, a mallard duck, one possum... now a salamander !  I've seen lots of lizards running around, but had not seen any salamanders here at the house.  I've only seen them while spelunking in caves and those have been blind and albinos. 

Can't wait for little Tully to arrive so he can discover all the critters with us!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Shop 'Till Your Soles Fall Off

I don't blog often, but on a recent shopping trip with friends I certainly added some laughter to our trip!   We were in for two long days of shopping.  The first morning-- I was walking along and felt like I had something stuck on the bottom of my shoe, like gum or tape.  I tried to wipe it off but to no avail!  I finally looked at the bottom of my shoe to find that I had a "small" hole in my sole.
This pic is by end of day and back in the hotel room...
The day started out with my soles perfectly in tact... then the "laying of a rubber trail began!"  When I first looked at it, only a small piece of rubber had fallen off, but as the day went on it grew to a big part of the sole gone!  I would walk and leave little pieces of rubber along the way.  We were all laughing hysterically.  I knew I could find my way home from the trail!

Other than feeling like a piece of gum was stuck on my shoe... our shopping was not deterred.  I bought these shoes to wear to London one year and have worn the tar out of them on long days of walking because they are so comfortable... but I think it's time to retire them and shop for  a new pair of shoes!

To add to the story, we stopped to eat that evening and found a shoe repair store next door...
Shame... it wasn't open!
By the end of the day, both soles were falling off... needless to say 2nd day I wore a different pair of shoes.
Now that's some heavy duty shopping!
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