Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Relaxation at Hapimag...

July 4, 2012
Greece/Turkey Trip

Hmmm, let me think… oh yes, just more time on the beach! 
This is the nearest thing we saw that even resembled fireworks today
in celebration of our Country's Independence!
Hapimag is a German oriented resort and we are meeting lots of people from Germany and everyone has been so friendly.  Several people have asked us why or how we chose Hapimag.  And, the answer is – it is affiliated with our Travel Club.  We have not met anyone thus far from U.S.A.; but, we met a couple at dinner one evening and the Dad was wearing a t-shirt from Steamboat Springs.  Even with me being very shy (haa), I did get up the courage to visit with them.  ;-)  His wife’s father lives in Boulder, Colorado where she grew up, so obviously her English was very good!  He was from Chile and they now live in Switzerland.  It is amazing almost everyone we have met speaks English.  Lucky for us, it obviously is the universal language.

Our condo is approximately 150 yards from the beach… we have exactly 71 steps to descend to get to the main reception and pool area, with maybe another 10 steps down and 50 yards directly to the beach;

We have a few steps to and from... but we are getting great exercise!
The main patio is where everything is usually happening each evening, with some activity on the beach!  They provide live entertainment or something going on each day/evening if you desire to participate.
This lounge area is always filled with people at night.
It is also where I do my blogging using the Wi-Fi
as we listen to the music or watch the entertainment.
Tonight, they had Greek Dancing
More Greek Dancing
It also gives us a nice relaxing place to visit with new friends we have made.  We are having a great time, even with all the things that have made us laugh because they didn't go exactly as planned!!!

While the wi-fi is not lighting speed, it is nice to have something to use… and I have really enjoyed being able to Skype with Ashley and Tully.  John is usually not home from work when we call because of the time difference.  The more people logged onto the Internet …the slower it is, so my best time for blogging or Skyping is late/late night or maybe I should say early/early morning when everyone is sleeping.  Vacation is all about getting to stay up as late as you want or sleeping in as late as you want.

They have a great little restaurant called “Poseidon Pool Taverna” where we had lunch today.
Sesame Fish, Greek Salad and Spaghetti.  It made more that two meals for us
Nice to have the refrigerator in the room for leftovers.
Here area a few more pictures of our resort:
View of the bar area...
Tables are usually full in the evenings.
This is where I blogged from the first day... bellied up to the bar!
View of Resort from the beach
This is a river of fresh water from the mountains
that runs down into the Mediterranean sea.
It is right on our beach and is running all the time. 
A view of our condo, we have two balconies. 
A quick peek inside, plenty of room for us...
living room, dining table, kitchen, large bathroom behind the kitchen
and a nice bedroom with storage.
The rooms were nice, but it is the whole resort that is so comfortable!
One of several roof top gardens.
The resort is being efficient with rooftop solar panels.
A wonderful place to stay, should you have the opportunity!

To be continued... Walk through Kollita Gorge on Greek Isle of Crete.

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