Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Holy Monastery of Saint Stephen, Meteora, Greece...

July 1, 2012

Located just outside Kalambaka is the Holy Monastery of Saint Stephen.  Saint Stephen was built in the 16th Century and this monastery rests on the plain rather than a cliff.  The Monastery is inhabited now by nuns only.

It was interesting when we walked to the cliff's edge we could see where we stayed at the Iridonas Guesthouse …and it was a long way down to the guesthouse!
Holy Monastery of Saint Stephen, Meteora, Greece
View from the back as we were approaching
At Entrance of Monastery
I was impressed with this tiered garden!
More of the gardens and grounds inside the gates.
Saw a peek of this cross on the hill.
Water Closet... this is the first I have seen or used like this!
You just stand where the ridges are...
I took a lot of pictures of the various monasteries, I hope I get the names with the right pictures!

Continued:  Monastery Holy Trinity

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