Thursday, July 5, 2012

Holy Monastery of Grand Meteoron...

July 1, 2012
Greece/Turkey Trip
Holy Monastery of Grand Meteoron
in Meteora, Greece
We continued our journey to the last Monastery of the day that we were going to tour – Grand Meteoron, which was why I planned the trip to Meteora in the first place.  I really had no idea all these other monasteries were here until we arrived this area.  So it was our treat to see so many.  While the inside of each monastery is beautiful, it is the fact that they are built and most sit on top of the pinnacles that truly amaze me …and to see them from a distance is awesome!

We begin our way to the top of the monastery… but first hiking down some and then our climb up to the monastery itself.
We need to end up here...
Made it to the entrance
Loved the tunnels and walkways,
winding our way inside
Ascension Tower
Used for bringing supplies up
Steps to the next level


Loved this window
Found this canon.
DT looking over the cliff; you can see forever!
...and it is a long ways down!

The grounds were beautiful 
They had lost of paintings... again, some we could take pictures of and
some we could not. 
Dennis found an  old wood lathe

This held their wine and it is taller than me!  They take their wine seriously.

By the time we got to this monastery… many of the pictures inside were all beginning to look alike, so it seems I did not take so many of the paintings this time and many we could not photograph anyway.

This monastery seemed to be the largest and had more rooms than we saw in the others… wine storage, kitchen, workshops, etc.

One of the most interesting rooms was this room of skulls and bones.  Someone said they had been placed there to protect the souls of the monks.

We were waaaaaay up there!! 
One of my moments with my shoes off...
You can see another monastery in the background
This was another monastery that we could see in the distance
while we were in the Grand Meteoron.

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