Monday, April 25, 2011

Road Trip to Grammy's... 19 Days Old

What a joy Little Tully is!!  He made his first visit to Grammy & PawPaw's in Cushing, Oklahoma on Easter Weekend.
He is such a good baby!
So fun to hear him coo and watch him smile...
I do let PawPaw hold him too, but since it's my blog...
I can post pics of me holding him!
Ashley is such a good Mommy...
especially when she lets me hold him!   :-)
Grandparents-- Perry, Mardi, Deb & Dennis
Cockerhams live in Austin, so their time here is special.
Perry enjoying some time with Tully outdoors
Zachry wants in on some of the attention... he's a good dog
John's parents have spent the last few days in Tulsa with Tully.  They came to our house on Saturday, it was nice to have all the grandparents together.  Dennis grilled for us and we had a nice dinner with wine... pretty casual at the Tull house... no Easter Egg Hunt yet for Tully!  Loving this rain on Easter Sunday!

John thanks for taking the pics, but I just realized I don't have any with you in them!  I'll have to get my camera back out ;-)

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