Sunday, April 17, 2011

Makings of a Photo Shoot... 11 Days Old

John and Ashley tried to do newborn photos on Apr 15th, but Tully said it was a "no-go"...
and since Tully is the BOSS, they went back on the 16th because that is when it was on HIS schedule!

We arrived a little early, so that Mommy could feed and soothe Tully before all the action was to begin.
When Mommy felt things were right...
Daddy and Mommy watched as the shoot began...

The girls went to work...

Mommy and Daddy waited patiently
Mom assisted when necessary... she wanted Tully content!
Brenda, the Photographer, had lots of ideas
Now it was time for pics with Mommy and Daddy
... but again, only when Tully was ready!
The shoot went well, he was a good boy!  Can't wait to see the proofs!

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